Thursday, May 26, 2016

Airtel: Best Browsing Plan for your Android phone

As we all know that Android consumes more data more than any other ios thats why this article is very important.

Some body told me one day that he had 200mb and in less than 1 day, the whole thing was gone including his remaining money and i get him this article in writing as am about giving you.

Airtel Plan is the best answer to your problem you know why? because it works on all not only .
Since i discovered Airtel Plan, i browse less on my Android phone and save more.
I would be listing the plans for you right now:

Period Days Amount Data Cap USSD Sms
Monthly (30 days) =N= 1,500 2GB *440*16# BBUM to 440
Weekly (1 week) =N= 525 420MB *440*17# BBUW to 440
Daily (24 hours) =N= 100 82MB *440*18# BBUD to 440

UNLIMITED 2 in 1 offer
Period Days Amount Data Cap USSD Sms
3 Months 90 days =N= 3000 6GB *440*016# BBUM3 to 440
3 Weeks 3 weeks =N= 1050 1, 260MB *440*017# BBUW3 to 440
3 Days 3 days =N= 200 246MB *440*018# BBUD3 to 440

To use this plan on a non- phone follow these steps:
* Dial *141*721*11# This will deduct =N=100 from your account balance and 10mb would be added to your plan.
* Check your balance by dialling *141*712*0#
* Then remove your battery and put it back wooooohala you are rdy to go...
See how cool they are? Just do the plan you like to start chatting and PINGing with your friends.

Want to know how to Ping with your tecno, , , razr, ? clickHERE

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