Thursday, May 26, 2016

Candy Crush Saga all boosters [Mod]

Download Link: Link: of Game:CandyCrushSaga
Root Needed?:YES

Name of :Free Boosters

Using this will change your level and if you sync to facebook that change will be irreversible. If you just need to bt a kevel use one the modded .apks in my game mod forum thrd.

999999999 Lives
999999999 Lollipop Hammer
Charm Of Life Unlocked And Purchased
Charm Of Stripes Unlocked And Purchased
Charm Of Frozen Time Unlocked And Purchased
Unlocked & purchased Striped & Wrapped Booster
Unlocked and Purchased LuckyCandyBooster and Colour Bomb
Unlocked and purchased Jelly Fish Booster
All boost unlimited

Credits:Quite awhile ago I found a save file with lives as you see and 1 or 2 boosters and found how it was done and did the rest myself, my apologies I don't even remember where I got the original file from

Manual Step:
Must be rooted
Have a half decent file explorer and know how to navigate with it.
This will work with all versions/mods.

Follow the instructions, this will not work if you don't. Pay attention to file extensions

Make sure game is not running in background. Go into app info and force close it <---important

Download the file which will come in as save_0.dat
Navigate to /data/data/com.king.candycrushsaga/app_storage and find the file save_XXXXXX.dat. rename the file you downloaded to match. In the same folder there is a file save_XXXXXX.bak Delete the .bak and copy replace the other. Fire up the game....let it sync, it may take a couple syncs to get things just made some big changes lol. You will know right away if it works cause you'll have 999999 lives.

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