Thursday, May 26, 2016

Comparison Battle: Tecno L3 Vs Tecno M3

This two are making waves in the market which made so many people confused on which to buy.
I will be comparing the Tecno M3 and Tecno L3 today.


Lets Start:
FTURES Tecno L3 Tecno M3
Operating System Android v4.1 Android v4.2
Display 3.5 Capacitive Touch 3.5 Capacitive Touch
Memory 4gb Rom+ 512 Ram 4gb Rom+ 512 Ram
Resolution 320 x 480 320 x 480
Data 3g/2g 3.75g/3g/2g
Processor 1.0GHz 1.0GHz Dual Core
Camera 3mp Back, 0.3mp front 5mp Back, 0.3 Front
Battery Life 2400mah 1400mah
Prices N13, 000 - N14, 000 N13, 000 - N14, 000

* Tecno M3 has an improved IOS which is 4.2 while Tecno L3 is having 4.1
* Tecno M3 is having 3.75G which L3 is having only 3G so that mns, browsing with Tecno M3 is more faster than browsing with Tecno L3.
* Talking about the processor, M3 is having a better and faster processor compared to L3.
* Camera! Camera!! Camera!!! With 5mp, you can have better snap shots compared to 3mp.
* Finally, the battery life of Tecno L3 is the best in the ue of Tecno ranging from Phantom A2 to Tecno D3. With 2400mah, your Android phone can be on for a very long time.

I believe you have seen it now with your eyes the better one which is Tecno M3 but the only concern now is the battery life. But if you can manage the battery well, it will last you alot or you rd this post to get better insights on battery management in Android by clicking ADVANCED WAY TO INCRSE THE BATTERY LIFE OF YOUR ANDROID PHONE.
So go grab yours now!!!

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