Thursday, May 26, 2016

Date or Ditch 2 JAR [JAVA]

Love is such an intriguing game, and with new style and variety, Date or Ditch 2 will show you the hottest night on the town you’ve ever experienced. Find romance in the city that never sleeps and meet an array of hot girls & cool guys. But which will you keep around, and whose hrt will you crush? Make your own choices freely as you live out the love life of your drms in New York. Remember that everything you do has a consequence, and a lover scorned could turn up later to cause trouble. With 22 chapters, 3 mini-games and more options than ever, there’s no telling how your story will end.

Interact with 8 interesting characters face-to-face, ch with their own distinctive personalities.Immerse yourself in a scintillating story full of drama, desire and surprises.Master the game of love and lrn about yourself with reviews of your seduction skills.Visit 10 different loions, from the Upper st Side to posh boutiques on 5th Avenue.The Love Meter lets you know if you’re on the right track to winning hrts.Play 3 all new mini-games that add excitement and challenge to your hunt for love.
Date or Ditch 2 JAR (128x160)
TELECHARGER ICI|JAR|115KB----------------------------------------------Date or Ditch 2 JAR (176x220)
TELECHARGER ICI|JAR|625KB----------------------------------------------Date or Ditch 2 JAR (240x320)
TELECHARGER ICI|JAR|815KB----------------------------------------------Date or Ditch 2 JAR (640x360)

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