Thursday, May 26, 2016

Download ZIXXBY! Apk for android

Download ZIXXBY! Apk for android
-Campaign of 40 stunning levels across 4 different moons!
- Level Types:
Pot Shot, Mini Nuke, Mine Sweep, Carnage, Skill Shot, Marksman and Snake!
- Bonkers Wpons:
-Sniper bullet, Mini Nuke, Bouncing Bullet, Comet
-buster and Pellet Cannon!

-lit Zoom camera!
-Thousands of mines to smash up!
-A variety of enemies to fight!
-Sensor controlled movement!
-Gesture controlled wpon systems!
-Wpon pickups!
-Awesome explosions!
- Fly Zixxby the alien around by tilting the phone
- Shoot by sweeping or flinging your finger over the screen
- Destroy all the mines before they hit the blue central orb and fight off the ningrom hordes to free your alien clone brothers!Download ZIXXBY! Apk
As you can see the methods are very simple. You can use any of them either according to your preference, they all work.

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thanks a lot for your help . Oh by the way if you don't know how to install ZIXXBY! .apk file. than you can follow this tutorial : how to install apk files in Android .

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