Thursday, May 26, 2016

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints IPA iPhone/iPad

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints IPA iPhone/iPad Free
Rlly good nice FPS goes smooth a few lags but the biggest problems are where you revive a car that's owned or a boat it goes not nrest to u and its annoying sometimes to go thru half the map for a car it should be like gta where it spawns right in front of u I got stuck I water far away north and the vehicle I got is at the st south another one is the aoe on the tank or rpg it kills itself faster than it is able to kill other mafias some of the missions at the end are way to hard such as hex my ex it's all fun and games till an enemy has a tank and from full to 0 u die in one shot inside ur own tank also from killing people should be sier to get some cash when a car is 200 000 and I'm out of missions it's all most impossibl

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