Thursday, May 26, 2016

Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA) JAR [JAVA]

Grand Theft Auto 4 — fans have been waiting for GTA for mobile , and here it is. Brk and hijack! This is a specially remodeled version of Car Jack Streets game for fans of smashing games about a grt car thief. The games of Grand Theft Auto series fture a freedom of action, including free movement across vast territories, a possibility to hijack any transport met and kill any person seen. Except for the core, various plot tasks, the player may make some money on the side, having pceful occupations, look for hidden objects or for example, make extreme auto jumps in specially provided places. Where can one hijack dozens of cars a day, bt up passers-by, shoot at the prostitutes and rn money by selling drugs? In which game you will have an opportunity to shoot down the police with a grenade-launcher with impunity, and a minute later, calmly have dinner in a nrby pizzeria? Grand Theft Auto is famous with its scandalous disposition and a grt scope for crtivity. But in GTA 4 there is no absolute permissiveness— this time the game observes rules of a rl life. Rl policemen, natural city, strict rules of criminal world give you only one alternative: adjust yourself or die!

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