Thursday, May 26, 2016

Guitar Star APK [ANDROID]

Guitar Star turns your Smartphone into the ultimate guitar collection!NOTE: The Free version only includes the Acoustic Guitar, to unlock all the other guitars you must purchase the full version.The actual sounds of rl guitars that you can play any song on your Smartphone.Go unplugged and play your favourite songs on the perfectly tuned acoustic guitar.Rock out to the classic sounds of an electric or rock guitar. Guitar Star also includes a bass guitar for laying down the bt of a song.Pluck along to your favourite country/folk/bluegrass tunes with the 5-string banjo or serenade that special someone while playing the ukulele.Six instruments in one outstanding appliion. Lrn to play all six and you'll understand why this appliion is called Guitar Star!Perfect for people that are lrning to play the guitar and for people that want to play different instruments without the cost and inconvenience of purchasing six instruments.We hope you'll enjoy playing your favourite songs and performing for your friends as you strum and pick along on your Smartphone.

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