Thursday, May 26, 2016


First of all, i would like to talk about how you can maintain your phone so that it last longer.

I have seen people using up to seven (7) in a yr and when you ask them why, they tell you that mobile don't last with them because they fail to maintain them. And i would not like you to have such case or if you have had them in the past; this is the end!

Here are ways you maintain your so they last longer for you.

Use a Screen guild to cover the screen of your phone.Buy a cover for it because it protect both the front, the back and also butifies it :-)Use uine (original) battery and charger for your phone.Don't overcharge your battery you know why...After charging remove your charger from the socket and your phone from the portDo not drop your phone hard on the ground unless this may damage it.Do not drop in water for any rson because this damages it.Always put a security lock that you can remember so as to restrict people from toying with it. Do not use under the rainWhen clning use a soft cloth to wipe off the cover.Keep in a cool dry place from the rch of children.
These are some tips that will help you maintain your mobile phone and if you follow these tips, i bet you that you will so enjoy your mobile phone.

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