Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to: make DOROBUCCI your TECNO Power-On & Power-Off TONE sily.

Hello friends,
I know you will be rlly excited with the topic above... because i am.
"Dorobucci" is the reigning hit in Nigeria from da main crew Mavin Records which has rlly made its way to most Nigerian's mobile either as ringing tone or just as a song to be listened to daily. With such lovely bt and grt swaggs, Dorobucci is hot!
Making Dorobucci your Power-on & off tone on your Tecno Android phone is rlly cool and impressive to your friends and love ones. Any Tecno phone will do this magic.
HOW TO DO THIS:First of all, you must have a rooted android Tecno device. Don’t go mad if you don’t… Click HERE (Root Tecno L3), Click HERE (Root P3, N3 & T3), Click HERE (Root D3 & B3), click HERE (for others). Note: Those rooting links are at your on risks ooo... abeg ooo...For those that have a rooted phone lets continue…Next, download this EXPLORER...And Download DOROBUCCI HERE (if you have the song before, don't bother downloading it again).Open the downloaded file (Explorer)Scroll down and click to SYSTEM.Scroll down again and click MEDIA (root/system/media).Now you will see this ---Power_off, Power_on.Move the two files (power_off. & power_on.) out of that folder and place it in any other folder.NOTE: If you have followed my former post on removing Tecno start-up tone, the Power_On and Power_Off files wouldn't be there. (Former Post)Now, copy Dorobucci. where you have downloaded it to and past it in that folder (root/system/media) where you removed the Power_off and Power_off file from.Rename the Song (dorobucci) to Power_on.Copy the Power_on (the renamed dorbucci song) and Paste in another folder then rename the pasted copy to Power_off.Then paste it back to the folder (root/system/media) were Power_on (the renamed dorobucci sone) is.After that SWITCH OFF your phone and listen to the Dorobucci singing looolz.Note: if you want the annoying sound back, you just got to move the two files back to where they were before. NOTE: If you want the chorus to play better, use Audio Cutter to cut the song to your desired part. My favourite is "doro ch ee any body were doro fish doro, doro chop ee any body were doro beef doro". So i trimmed my own to that particular place lolz.ALL DONE!!!

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