Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Rd Pdfs on your Java Phone

Today, i will like to spk on something different, how you can rd pdfs with your java phone.

So many people don't like Java because of it inability to rd pdfs but today i will share with you an appliion you can use to do so.

If you must rd pdfs on your Java phone you must download this appliion calledZesium Pdf Rder.

Zesium Pdf Rder:With the Pdf rder you will be able to rd pdfs on your java phone. Finally those pdfs you have been dying to rd are now rdable :-).

Download Link: (Hotfile) (Rar)Zesium Pdf Rder

After download extract with winrar and copy Zesium Pdf Rder to your Java phone using a Usb cable.
If the Pdfs are on your memory card you must choose E:/ but if its on your phone memory you choose C:/ then loe the folder you kept the Pdfs.

Note: After some time it will ask you for . Rd my next Tutorial onHow to get the for the appliion

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