Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Reduce Data Usage on Your Android Phone (Tecno)

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Today I will be showing you how you can reduce your data usage on your android and tabs.
It’s known that Android phone consumes much data that other ios which makes this topic rlly important. This topic is mnt for people using the galaxy, , xperia, google , tecno from N3, M3, D3, S3, P3, T3, M5, P5, D5, S5, P7, D7, M7, D9, phantom, , and other android .
Tips to Reduce your Data Usage:Uninstall Unused Apps: If you are that type of user that installs any app you see in the app store without even checking it importance to you, try to rd this point carefully. They are lots of apps that runs in backgrounds without you knowing like mail clients, some games, launchers and so on, without identifying such apps, you will send more money on your phone browsing because when ever you on your data connection, they starts connecting. So now, what you should do to stop this is to find unnecessary apps (those apps you don't use frequently) and uninstall them.Stop Automatic Log-in: They are some apps that ask you to enable automatic log in (when your data comes on, they log in for you automatically). Such settings should be adjusted except your email clients like gmail, yahoomail, live mail etc.Stop Auto Refresh: Either for your mobile browser or your apps, disable auto refresh.Block Bloatware: Block those apps that shows addons on your. They are different ways of doing that,you can just google that out.Stop Auto Sync: Stopping auto sync in your apps reduces your data usage. Its better you sync them manually when they are necessary for you to do.But for email clients, you can adjust your auto-sync to every 1 hour if you are a business type that do expect every month but if you are just a normal user, you can set it twice a day.Surf without s: Every mobile browser got the option of surfing with or without s. They are different rsons why we all surf the internet but if you know that pictures are not necessary for what you are looking for, you can just stop displaying it because it reduces your data usage.Surf with Mobile View: you can also surf the internet and some webpage with mobile view because it reduces the page quality of the webpage there by reducing your data usage.Finally, you can use a data usage app to monitor your usage to know if these tips worked for you (Note: Android 2 and below users needs to download the app while Android 4.0 and above alrdy have a default Data Usage App)If this post was helpul to you, share it to your friends
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