Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to: Send Apps & Games that are downloader from Google Play Store to your friends sily

I want to show you how you can send apps you downloaded from google play store to your friends.
With FlashShare you can't just send downloaded apps & games from google store but can also share files very faster.CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD Flash Share for Android.
Steps to do this:1. After downloading flare share (you and your friend), click install.2. When install is complete, it should ask you to put any username of your choice and a picture. (as the shown above)Note: The picture is not compulsory 3. After that stage, you should see "CONNECT WITH FRIENDS" at the top of your screen Click it. Your friend should also do the same.4. Then you should see again "SCAN TO JOIN" or "CRTE CONNECTION". So out of those two options, you should click one while your friend click the other.Note: You can click "Crte Connection" while your friend click "Scan to join" or vice versa.
5. So who ever clicked "Scan to join" should be noticing his or her phone because within 10secs it should show available users. Thats when the username you used in the beginning will appr.Note: if your username is "Peter", thats what will appr on the screen of the person that show Scan to Join. 6. So when the name apprs, click on it and give it at lst 3 secs to connect (it depends on your phone speed)7. When it has connected, you should hr a beep and see the picture of your friend at the top-left part of your screen.8. Now to share downloaded APPS from play store, click the CUBE shaped icon at the top of your screen.9. You will now see installed APPS on that list, click which ever one you want to send and SHAKE your Phone. OR press and hold the icon to see options like share, delete or whatever...10. Check your friends phone and see how he receives the file very quickly.
With this way you have sent those apps you downloaded from play store.

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