Thursday, May 26, 2016

InstaRepost APK [ANDROID]

Stop taking low quality screenshots or resizing s to repost Instagram photos!Be more crtive and customize pictures you are going to repost by moving watermark, choosing its transparency and removing logo.InstaRepost is a simple way to share inspiration with your friends!With InstaRepost you can repost any photos you like in your own Instagram photo strm. With all reposts you are giving credits to authors.You like a butiful picture? One of your friends posted a photo with you in Instagram? Now you can share them (with the author’s username superimposed) in your Instagram photo strm with your followers by simply tapping the ‘Repost’ button.Furthermore, Instarepost is an awesome discovery tool for Instagram with its alogue of butiful pictures! It allows you to discover interesting and popular photos to suit any taste: humor, cars, sport, quotes, world news etc.Ftures:- repost any photo you like directly from your instagram feed- move watermark to any side of your pic- change watermark transparency- save original photo- srch for instagram users and hashtags- srch through 'following' list and photos you liked- discover new interesting stuff with instarepost alogue and share your inspiration with friends- alogue updates every day

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