Thursday, May 26, 2016

Make your Android Phone look like the LUMIA - Use Launcher 8

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I rlly love the topic of this article because its quite interesting... i have always wanted my android to have the LUMIA. So thats why i thought this post will be rlly helpful to those that rlly wants their Android phone to have the LuMiA look like my own.

Do you remember this article? Pimp your android with window 8 theme I reviewed an android app that got the window 8 look on android . Which i explained there that they are two in but i will be discussing the other one in another post which this is it.

The launcher 8 got nice graphics, grt animations and lots of movable objects. The preferences are quite interesting because you can altar almost every fture it has.
You can change the colour of the boxes to your choice.You can change your phone notifiion bar to the luncher 8 not. bar.You can change the icon s of the can choose from graphics boxes and static boxes.You get better notifiion from every missed calls and messages, facebook notifiions and so on with se. The notifiions shows on the tiles of the app.You can save your last edited design and load it any time you like.It can choose butiful pictures to be displayed when your phone is locked. And you get that lumia feeling.While i prefer this one to the other one is that, Luncher 8 runs better and faster on almost all android compare to 8. And again the way the tiles moves are different. The Luncher 8 moves vertically but 8 moves horizontally.

Check the pics below:

changing the colour of the theme from
sky blue to dark blue
showing the list of appliions
displaying the option menu -
edit, add, theme, wallpapers...
showing the theme settings... Notice the the picture above Tile theme color - Thats where you change the color of the tiles sily.

sowing the lock screen diplaying

Google Play Store --------------CLICK HERE (6.9mb) Launcher 8 v.1.8.1

Requires Android 2.0 and up

Enjoy your newest Lumia Android Phone lolz...

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