Thursday, May 26, 2016

Yahoo Messenger JAR/SIS [JAVA/SYMBIAN]

The official Yahoo! Messenger app for mobile allows you to exchange instant messages with your Yahoo! or Facebook contacts.
Once you've installed Yahoo! Messenger on your mobile you can start using the app to chat with your buddies by signing in with your account details. The appliion automatically imports all of your contacts, and groups them by whether they are online or offline.
To start chatting with the Yahoo! Messenger app, just tap on a contact, press 'r' or '7' to start typing your message. You can call up a history of your conversations by clicking on the 'Load previous' button. Besides sending instant messages, you can send a file to your contact from your phone, or even send them an SMS.
Yahoo! Messenger contains lots of options and settings, though you have to fight through menu screens to find them all, since most are contextual (mning they only appr from certain parts of the app). Once you start using the Yahoo! Messenger app and lrn the shortcut you'll find things much sier.
Among the options within Yahoo! Messenger are the ability to add contacts, update your status, change the way contacts are sorted and srch contacts. You can import all your Facebook contacts into the Yahoo! Messenger app by signing in with your Facebook account details.

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