Thursday, May 26, 2016

for Unlimited Hlth in killer Bn Unlshed for Android

Hello people,

I rlly love the game called Killer Bn but the only problem with the game is that, the Hlth of the Hit man is so poor.
The 100% Hlth bar don't last at all which makes the game almost impossible to finish most especially the Level 4. Do you remember when killer bn was ordered to Kill 40 bns? Thats the level 4 am talking about. The game became very hard in that level, thats where this comes handy

Check this Picture Below:
Look at my player's hlth and check how many enemies
i have killed
Lunch the gameChoose either Story Mode or Survival modeChoose the level you want to play.When the game starts, move to an enemy.Allow him to shoot your player until it gets to 0% hlth.As your player is dying, immediately press PAUSE then click MAIN MENU.Check the Pics Below ---As the player is dying, press pause then click main menuAfter that, start your game again and woohala, your is working.Note: After every RESTART, your is gone. So you will redo the after every restart of the game.

So you can start rocking the game as you like. Shooting from left to right without fr of any evil guy on your way. Since ACTORS don't die in , then why should your Hit man die? lolz

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