Thursday, May 26, 2016

The simplest way to remove that ANNOYING Power Up & Off sound from you Tecno Android.

Have you ever been embarrassed in an occasion before by the annoying start up & off sound your Tecno Android phone make? If you haven’t, I have.
I was in the bank one day when my phone was beeping low battery so in the process, it switched off making that annoying sound “tan tan tantan tannnn”…arrgggh… every body just turned to my direction that was when I got rlly annoyed with that tone. That was why I figured out this twk for my phone.
So, I noticed that the simplest way to stop this devastating sound is to lve your phone in silent mode but this have so many disadvantages. Because lving your phone in silent mode can make you loose too many important calls and important email alerts. So I wouldn’t advice this because I have lost so many important calls just because I want to stop my phone from making such “Tecno noise” lolz.
THE WAY OUT:First of all, you must have a rooted android Tecno device. Don’t go mad if you don’t… Click HERE (Root Tecno L3), Click HERE (Root P3, N3 & T3), Click HERE (Root D3 & B3), click HERE (for others). Note: Those rooting links are at your on risks ooo... abeg ooo...For those and have a rooted phone lets continue…Next download this EXPLORER...Open the downloaded file.Scroll down and click to SYSTEM.Scroll down again and click MEDIANow you will see this ---Power_off, Power_on.Move the two files (power_off. & power_on.) out of that folder and place it in any other folder.Note: if you want the annoying sound back, you just got to move the two files back to where they were before.After that SWITCH OFF your phone and listen to the silence looolz.ALL DONE!!!

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